Rolled Coil Steel Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Rolled Coil Steel Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Can Choose The Cutting Area:
  • 3000mm*1500mm
  • 4000mm*2000mm
  • 6000mm*2000mm
  • 6000mm*2500mm
  • 8000mm*2500mm
Laser Power: 1kw-6kw
  • thick plate, it is a very good choice. For example, agricultural machinery,
  • textile machinery, food machinery and construction machinery
  • and other large machinery and equipment manufacturing,
  • usually use high power fiber laser cutting machine for processing.
  • Suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel, aluminum alloy,
  • titanium alloy, galvanized steel, aluminum-plating zinc plate, copper, and other metals.

Technical Parameter
Laser power Max. linkage speed Max. Acceleration
1kw-6kw 140m/min 1.5G
Positioning accuracy Repositioning accuracy Laser source
0.05mm 0.03mm MAX / IPG Raycus / GW
Laser head System identification file format Working area
WSX / Raytools / hans G file、DXF、PLT、AI Customizable
Standard Configuration

Swiss Raytools automatic focusing  head

The focal length can be adjusted automatically, no manual operation is required, the cutting precision is high, and the built-in double water cooling structure is adopted.

Cypcut Cnc System

Micro-connection cutting
Active obstacle avoidance
Real-time monitoring of core components
Active reminder of machine maintenance

Cast aluminum beam

The beam is artificially aged, solution treated, and finished, and has good integrity, stiffness, surface quality, toughness, and ductility. The beam is die-cast with steel mold, which is stable, durable, and efficient.

Japanese Yaskawa Servo Motor and Drivers

1. Low noise and long life 2. Efficient and energy saving  3. Wide range of uses 4. Tamagawa encoder 5. High Presicion

IPG Fiber Lasers Souce

offer the best value, most stability and the highest productivity. They are built to last with their solid state monolithic design with 20x less degradation than competitors.

Equipment Parameters
Model BKJ-F-3015L BKJ-F-4015L BKJ-F-6015L
Working area 3000mm*1524mm 4000mm*2000mm 6100mm*2000mm
Table load bearing 900kg 1600kg 2400kg
Machine overall dimensions F-T3:5200*3300*2000mm; F-T6:8400*3300*2000mm F-T3:5600*4000*2000mm; F-T6:8400*4000*2000mm F-T3:7900*4000*2000mm; F-T6:8400*4000*2000mm
Machine weight F-T3:6400kg; F-T6:7000kg F-T3:7500kg; F-T6:8100kg F-T3:10400kg; F-T6:11000kg
Z axis travel 120mm
Max. linkage speed 140m/min 100m/min
Max. acceleration 1G
Positioning accuracy 0.03mm 0.05mm
Repositioning accuracy 0.02mm 0.03mm
Tube size range F-T3/6 tube maximum length 3m and 6m
Min. tube material surplus 250mm
Product Features

Intelligent buzzer alarm system

When the equipment is abnormal, the system will start a full-abnormal alarm and push it to the interface through the control center to detect equipment abnormalities in advance, reduce hidden dangers, and double the efficiency of troubleshooting equipment.

Auxiliary gas low-pressure alarm function

It provides real-time pressure detection, pushes abnormal information when the pressure value is lower than the best cutting effect and accuracy, to ensure the cutting effect, cutting accuracy, and the timeliness of gas replacement.

Automatic lubrication system

The automatic lubrication system provides regular and quantitative lubricating oil for the equipment to ensure the normal high-speed operation of the equipment and has functions such as abnormal alarm and liquid level alarm. The system greatly improves the cutting efficiency and effectively prolongs the service life of the transmission mechanism.

New generation of safety follow-up module

The laser head keeps a distance from the workpiece during the cutting process to reduce the risk of collision and will stop cutting when it may collide with the board. The safety follows module reduces the accident rate.

laser blanking line for uncoiling and leveling

After the rolling plate is unfolded and leveled by the production line, it is continuously and automatically fed into the
laser cutting machine

Uncoiling leveling laser blanking line

through the uncoiling and leveling equipment, the plate coil to be processed will be
unfolded and leveled, and then directly sent to the laser cutting machine for cutting processing, so as to ensure the continuous
feeding of sheet metal, which greatly reduces the time of shutdown and feeding, greatly improves the production efficiency
and greatly reduces the labor intensity

Optional Configuration

Add pipe cutting function

According to customer requirements, we can add a pipe cutting function on the basis of cutting metal plates, so that one machine can complete the cutting of metal plates and pipes at the same time.
Automatic electric chuck, claw DC motor drive, and clamping motor current is sensitive, adjustable, and stable.
Self-centering electric chuck, gear transmission mode, higher transmission efficiency, long working life, and high work reliability.

Screw Air Compressor

Control: PLC,Driven: direct,Cooling: by air
Electric motor: Permanent magnet variable speed type, 20hp 15KW 380v/50hz/3ph IP65 oil cooling type. Invertor: Inovance
Discharge temperature: less than ambient +8 ℃
Noise: less than 65 dB(A),Air outlet size: G3/4” Air tank: 500L,Air dryer capacity: 2.35 m3/min
Air filter: 3 pcs(after filtering, particle content 0.01 micron, oil content 0.001mg/m3)

Voltage Stabilizer

TND/SVC series fully automatically voltage regulator consist of contact autotransforme r, servo motor, automatic control circuit etc.

  • When grid voltage instability,automatically sampling control circuit sends a signal to drive servo motor
  • Waveform distortionless, reliable performance,long-term operation
  • Over voltage, undervoltage protected function
Cutting Sample

The CNC laser cutting machine can cut all types of metals, from mild steel to stainless steel as well as non-ferrous metals. But some highly reflective metals, such as aluminum and copper, are more difficult to cut. The maximum thickness of the metal that the laser can cut is determined by the laser source. In theory, the greater the laser power, the greater the thickness that can be cut. In addition, the professional knowledge of the machine operator will also affect the thickness of the laser cutting.


Application Industry

Fiber laser cutting machines are widely used in the manufacturing of advertising signs, kitchenware, sheet metal processing, metal parts, chassis and rack processing, cabinet processing, metal crafts, elevator panel cutting, hardware, auto parts, and electronic parts, nameplates, et


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