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At QINGDAO PRECISION LASER TECHNOLGY CO.,LTD , we regard every request from our customers as first priority. Our team is always ready to give technical support for any customer at any time. All of our machines boast a warranty period of 3 years and lifetime of free technical consultation.

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Technical Support

 QINGDAO PRECISION LASER TECHNOLGY CO.,LTD has a well-trained customer service department and our engineers are able to provide technical support for all laser equipment produced, including machines that are no longer in production.

Preventive Maintenances

 QINGDAO PRECISION LASER TECHNOLGY CO.,LTD Laser’s machine design is based on reliable operation and provides years of total productivity. However, the protracted and protracted operation of the machinery requires proper maintenance and service.

Spare Parts And Consumables

Ensure optimum productivity for your systems by using original spare parts and consumables. We have current spare parts and consumables available for you with fast delivery. Take one of our special agreements where we guarantee the best prices for our customers.



We provide your employee with a complete training service so that he can fully understand the machine and use it correctly to meet your company’s highest demands on quality and productivity.


Software Support

CypNest is a nesting software designed for CypCut/HypCut sheet laser cutting system. It integrates advanced functions of drawing modification, quick nesting, toolpath generation, analysis report and more to meet your production needs