What are the principles and advantages of stainless steel laser welding machines?

In many industries , stainless steel laser welding machines are used. Its fast and effective operation effect has greatly promoted the completion of the project, and is deeply favored and loved by users. So, what are the working principle and advantages of stainless steel laser welding machine? Let’s take a look at it together.


First, the working principle

The working principle of the stainless steel laser welding machine is to fully use the laser pulse to heat the material locally. The high-energy laser radiation can effectively diffuse inside the material, then melt the material, and finally form a specific molten pool, so as to achieve The purpose of effective welding. Through this new welding method, the stainless steel laser welding machine can weld precise parts and thin-walled materials, and can realize different operation methods such as seal welding, stitch welding, butt welding and spot welding. The welding patterns include square, round, Lines and points or any plane graphics drawn by AUTOCAD software.

Second, the advantage

In people’s daily life and work, stainless steel products are everywhere, whether it is medical equipment, industrial production lines, automobiles, ships, or even airplanes, stainless steel products will be used. The traditional methods of welding damaged stainless steel products are resistance welding and argon arc welding, etc., but these methods generally have many defects.

1. The operation of the stainless steel laser welding machine has a very small deformation, the operation speed is very fast, and it has a large depth. This operation effect can ensure the quality of the welding.

2. The stainless steel laser welding machine can be welded under special conditions or at room temperature, and its welding equipment is very simple. For example, when welding with a laser that passes through an electromagnetic field, the beam does not shift. Laser welding can be performed in a certain gas environment, air or vacuum environment, and can be welded through glass or materials that are transparent to the beam.

3. It can weld refractory materials, such as titanium metal, etc., and can also weld heterogeneous materials, and can ensure a good welding effect.

4. After the laser is focused, its power density increases. When welding high-power materials, the aspect ratio can reach 5:1, and sometimes it can reach 10:1.

5. The stainless steel laser welding machine also has the advantages of micro welding. After focusing the laser beam, a very small spot can be formed, and through precise positioning, it can weld micro and small workpieces. This welding technology can be applied to large Among the batch and automated production lines, it has a great role in improving the production efficiency of enterprises.

Third, the scope of application

In addition to welding stainless steel products, the stainless steel laser welding machine can also weld other products. It has a wide range of applications, including: laser welding of advertising words, stainless steel bathroom products, welding of stainless steel casings and parts of mobile phones, watch parts, stainless steel jewelry, welding of various stainless steel kettle spouts and so on.

Through the introduction of the above content, I believe that everyone has a more detailed understanding and understanding of the working principle, advantages and applications of stainless steel laser welding machines.

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