Some people have the best potential and are extremely crafty with a great business sense but lack the ability to curb fear of the unknown when it comes to investing into your company or yourself. There are so many opportunities to be a winner. I’d love to help you! Start winning your dreams won’t chase you back.

Get a cnc laser cutting machine from Baokun! Work will find you. For those who are still using plasma it’s a simple transition and you’ll save time, money and your quality will be much better! Laser work finds you. Pm me for a laser quote. Or any shop equipment.Headed to Florida for some much needed vacay!









Portable folding grill, cut by baokun laser cutting machine ,fire pit with grill grate., DXF file cutting plan A set of DXF drawings for plasma, laser cutting. The dimensions of
the finished product 1100mm x 333mm (43.3″ x 13.1) Height 750mm (29.5″). Assembly size 330mm x 707mm x 68mm (13.1″ x 27.8″ x 2.7″) A sheet of 3mm (11g) or 2mm is used
for manufacturing.
Metal Quantity
12190×1035 (48″ x 40.8″)

.080 5052 aluminum, when the details need to be small a laser cutter is where it’s at, not to
Mention speed accuracy and cut quality, keep plays a big role in so many ways, I know many are looking to go laser cutter and I must say it’s worth the jump, you will never look back at a plasma table again and feel like it was better.
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