Technical Support


Many customers worry about the help & service after a machine is purchased from China, my short video will help you understand how we solve issues that may happen, we don’t need to visit the machine in person to help, there’s no need to worry about after sales service, purchase with confidence from baokun laser!

Every time I have an issue with my machine I send you a message, you respond in a few short minutes every time, this gives me so much confidence in you & your machine, this must be mentioned in your ad, other customers will be confident to buy a machine if they know this is how dedicated you are & that’s how you will treat them, this will be a huge selling point

We have technicians and engineers distributed globally to be able to respond quickly when service is required. Our tight service network means service support is at your side. Additionally, a telephony analyst can help resolve issues over the phone. Service support related to intelligent laser equipment is also available via a high-speed internet connection and via virtual service, so engineers can view your machine’s capabilities in real-time to assist with troubleshooting. Rapid analysis of failures increases the availability of your machines.

Telephone and Remote Support

Fast And Professional: A team of engineers proficient in all technologies and their applications, ready to provide you with fast and accurate support. Because of the remote connection, all critical issues can be managed efficiently.
Worldwide: No matter where you are in the world, one of our 15 service centers is at your service and will meet your needs. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal!
Service Intervention: If a spare part of the machine needs to be replaced, a service engineer will come to your factory shortly to help you restart the production of the machine. Our purpose is to maximize uptime and manufacturing efficiency by intervening directly and quickly.
Tech Support Upgrade/Strong Factory Tech Support: For extremely complex cases, Glorious Laser has set up a “Tech Support Upgrade” that immediately involves the most suitable technical team to get the best solution in the shortest possible time. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal!

  • Machine Repair and Adjustment Services
  • Machine Installation Service
  • Installation and Commissioning Services
  • Retrofit and Repair Services
  • Inspection and Maintenance Services
  • Operator Training
  • Product Launch Technical Support
  • Support Hotline and Virtual Services
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At baokun, we regard every request from our customers as first priority. Our team is always ready to give technical support for any customer at any time. All of our machines boast a warranty period of 3 years and lifetime of free technical consultation.