Problems and solutions that are easy to encounter when laser cutting machine cutting blog

Fiber laser cutting machine can be used for both plane cutting and bevel cutting, and the edges are neat and smooth. It is suitable for high-precision cutting such as metal plates. Some problems encountered, Baokunlaser will continue to improve yesterday’s problems, so that problems encountered during the operation can be solved by themselves.

1. Carbon steel cutting (smooth on the top and grain on the bottom)

Possible causes and solutions

Focus too high —– lower focus

Low air pressure —— increase air pressure

2. There are lines on the top, and the bottom is uneven

Possible causes and solutions

too fast —- reduce speed

The air pressure is too low—increase the air pressure

Impure gas —– use purer gas

Focus is too low – increase focus

3. Impervious cutting (stainless steel cutting)

The nitrogen purity is at least 99.9%;

The lens and nozzle and coaxiality are intact;

Good material (no oxidation, no paint);

The laser mode has no distortion (compressed air quality guarantees no paint, volatile gas).

Possible causes and solutions

too fast — reduce speed

Power is too low—increase power

Out of focus — check focus

4. There are slags on the opposite side (stainless steel cutting)

Possible causes and solutions

Poor coaxial —– check coaxial

The nozzle is not round —- check the nozzle

Bad light path—-check light path

The laser mode is too bad,—–check the laser mode

5. The cut surface is not smooth (stainless steel cutting)

Possible causes and solutions

Power is too low—– increase power

The focus is too low – increase the focus

Insufficient air pressure —— increase air pressure

6. Irregular filamentous slags on both sides (stainless steel cut)

Possible causes and solutions

Speed ​​is too slow —— increase speed

The focus is too high—– reduce the focus

Air pressure too low – increase air pressure

Material is too hot—– Cool material

7. Produce tiny regular slags (stainless steel cutting)

Focus too low—– Increase focus

Speed ​​too low —- slow down

8. The cutting surface is yellow

Possible causes and solutions

N2 purity is less than 99.9%. ——–Check the purity of N2

There is oxygen or air in the windpipe. ——- Increase cutting start delay

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