Precision Laser CNC laser cutting machine can do what job?

BaokuN CNC laser cutting machine can do what job?

Many Customers all over the world is using the cnc laser cutting machine and t the customers who use the cnc laer cutting machines in their work can be divided into two groups.

  1. Small business customers. These customers cutsimplymetal, using low-specification laser cutters. However, there are also large customers engaged in metal supply.

They use high-specification laser cutters to pre-cut sheet metal into parts that fit their customers’ dimensions.

Typically, these customers have Bokun brand laser cutting machines with larger work areas. This allows them to cut sheet metal to the right size.

The second is the customer involved in the production of the final product. They may include small, medium or large enterprise customers. They use Bao Kun brand laser cutting machines as part of a large production facility. Among them are cabinets, door manufacturers, aircraft manufacturing companies, etc.

Some customers use Baokun laser cutting machines as part of large industrial complexes in the aircraft industry. And mobile operators are also our customers. For this type of customer, the Baokun laser cutting machine is the best choice because the resulting product does not require additional processing and post-processing.

The second largest group of customers includes manufacturers of metal cabinets or ventilation and cooling equipment. For example, piercing jobs are best done with the FLY CUT option.

Laser cutters are more flexible in this regard where the pierce size is always different. FLY CUT allows you to perforate in different shapes and sizes.

In some daily mass production activities, many customers use plasma cutting machines most often. However, they are not flexible enough. Changing the cutout or its shape (from square to circle, from circle to triangle) takes a lot of time.

Baokun brand laser cutting machine shows unique advantages in this aspect, saving more time to improve work efficiency.

But most of the time, laser cutting equipment is used in combination with laser welding machines.

Fire and steel doors for houses, equipment enclosures, storage equipment, various brackets, fastening systems and storage systems are produced in this way.

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