Precautions Before starting the laser cutting machine

Precautions for starting the laser cutting machine

  • 空压机 Air Compressor

1.先开冷干机 。Start the cold dryer first

2 .15分钟后再开空压机 。Turn on the air compressor after 15 minutes

3 .打开排水阀,排干积水 。

Open the drain valve to drain the accumulated water

  1. 把过滤器排一遍空气。

Remove the air in the filter

  • 切割头(Laser Head)
  1. 用气枪吹净切割头上的灰尘 。

Use an air gun to blow off the dust on the cutting head

2 .开机前检查喷嘴是否有渣、损坏现象。

Check the nozzle if there is any slag and damage before starting up

3.检查镜片是否正常 (上镜片、下镜片 ).

Check whether the lens is normal (upper lens, lower lens)

4 .检查陶瓷环是否有裂纹 。

Check if there is any cracks in the ceramic ring

5 .用胶带检查激光光束是否同轴 。

Use tape to check whether the laser beam is coaxial.

6 . 检查空气/氧气压力是否正常 (空气1.5Mpa氧气0.9Mpa )。

Check whether the air/oxygen pressure is normal. (Air 1.5Mpa, oxygen 0.9Mpa).

  1. 更换镜片 注意小门关闭 防止灰尘进入 。


  1. Change the lens, pay attention to the small door closed to prevent dust from entering.

During replacement, the protection and collimation protection mirrors should be replaced according to environmental conditions (it is recommended to stop for 30 minutes)

  • 标定激光头Calibration laser head

四、开机 power on the machine

五、新建 start a new file and start work

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