Laser cutting can be described as a major transformation in the sheet metal processing plant. Because of the high level of flexible production of laser cutting, fast laser cutting speed, high laser cutting efficiency, and short equipment work cycle, it immediately becomes a sheet metal processing plant manufacturing industry. The new favorite of laser cutting, laser cutting has no cutting force, no deformation in production; no tool wear, no matter what kind of part, it can be laser cut in a fine and short time laser cutting.

In addition, the laser cutting slits are generally narrow, the laser cutting quality is good, the intelligent system is high, the labor efficiency is low, and there is no pollution. In the production of spare parts cabinets and iron file cabinets, they are generally manufactured in standardized production of thin metal sheets. The use of laser cutting machines for laser cutting production is more efficient and more efficient, and laser cutting production regulations can be implemented in a shorter time.
Agricultural machinery is a key component of China’s economic development, and China exports machinery and equipment.

In the future, the machinery industry will be a key downstream sales market for the marketing, promotion, and development of laser cutting equipment. Although most of the machinery industry now uses traditional cutting methods, only a small part of high-end processing plants choose computer-controlled numerical control equipment to carry out intelligent system board cutting, but the proportion of intelligent system laser cutting equipment in the machinery industry It will undoubtedly become bigger and bigger, and effectively increase the production efficiency of machinery and equipment.

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