Fiber laser cutting machine has the characteristics of high precision, high cutting speed, stable and reliable operation and simple operation. It is currently widely used in stainless steel plate cutting, sheet metal processing, carbon steel cutting and other metal material processing enterprises. Such “” metal processing “artifact”, then what to do if there is a failure, I believe this is a problem that many customers will be concerned about. Today, Zhongdrive Laser will explain the common faults of laser cutting machines and how we should solve them.
1 The control panel does not light up. This is a problem that may occur after the fiber laser cutting machine has been used for a period of time. In this case, it is caused by the failure of the buttons on the power-on panel, the failure of the panel, and the poor contact of the connecting line. Mid-drive Laser suggests that you can check whether the line is loose, and check the connection line from the motherboard to the panel is loose.

2 The fiber laser cutting machine has no laser during operation, or the light is intermittent and other light is abnormal. In this case, you can check whether the optical path of the laser cutting machine is offset; whether the signal is good; or whether the laser type is selected incorrectly, the laser power supply is faulty, the main board, wiring board, damage or control line connection and cooling water circulation system failure.

3 When the power button is activated, the device does not operate. It can be checked by:

<1> Check whether the laser cutting machine is powered on, if not, please plug in the power first;

<2> Whether the parameters of the main board of the laser cutting machine are correct, if not, please refer to the software instructions to correct the parameters.


In addition to the above three problems, the fiber laser cutting machine may also have problems such as the inability to upload online data, the continuous cutting of the plate, and the immobility of the XY axis. As a professional laser equipment manufacturer, Zhongdrive Laser assures customers that our company’s laser cutting equipment enjoys 2 whole machine maintenance to ensure the interests of customers.

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