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Laser cutting system in the automotive field

The automotive industry has reached high standards of automation and customization. The laser cutting in the automotive field perfectly meets the new market needs thanks to the high performance and extreme versatility. That is why the automotive industries are adopting laser cutting systems more and more cutting-edge in order to optimize the production processes and improve the quality of the final product.

The Fiber Laser Revolution in the automotive field

The use of Fiber laser cutting system has completely changed all the engineering field. Thanks to the laser source power up to 30kW, the laser cutting is fast and with a perfect finish, without the need of further processing. Previously, the production was based on moulds to create flat pieces. Nowadays, the laser cutting is developing more and more, also thanks to the greater flexibility. In the automotive field, in which it is necessary to cut and trim with a precise and perfect cutting, the fiber laser cutting is by now essential. An example of success can be given by the 5-Axes laser cutting systems designed by baokun laser : Fiber Compact and Linear Cube models. They are specialised in cutting aluminum profiles of one of the most important brands in the Italian car field.

Which is the function of laser cutting systems in the automotive field?

The laser technology finds many application in the car industry. The laser cutting of metal and metal sheets allows the production of car components with perfect and clean edges, without the need of further processing. In particular, the laser system can cut a wide range of metals, from the aluminum to the stainless steel, from the iron to the copper and to the brass in order to create unique components or components in series.

With the technological evolution developped in the last few years, the laser cutting systems are able to cut metal sheets with a thickness up to 50mm, highly widing the possibility of application. Moreover, there are highly precise systems for the pipe and tubular cutting.

Which are the laser advantages in the automotive field?

Laser systems allow you to obtain high-profile processes without the need for finishing and with a precision previously unthinkable. The laser system can be used for the cutting and engraving of different materials and can give many advantages in terms of time and resource saving. Moreover, it allows the customization of the products with the maximum flexibility. In particular, compared to the traditional mechanical processing, the use of laser systems in the automotive field offers:

  • Greater flexibility and integrability in the production
  • High performances of power and speed
  • Greater precision and cutting quality
  • Engraving and processing even on large formats
  • Customization with unique effects and complex processing
  • Optmization of energy resources
  • Absence of waste materials
  • Identification and ultra-rapide engraving
  • Contactless processing

Which are the best systems in the automotive field?

The systems for the laser cutting and engraving in the automotive field are industrial systems which have to ensure precision and reliability. For this reason, it is always necessary to verify the system performances which can be slightly different according to the model. Moreover, before purchasing low cost laser systems, it is important to be sure that the system purchase includes also a reliable after sales technical assistance in case of damages, maintenance and the need of spare parts.

Advantages of Baokun laser  for the laser cutting in the automotive field

Baokun Laser is specialized in the design and production of high performance laser cutting systems. Because of their proprietary technology Baokun laser systems ensure an unparalleled cutting power and the possibility to work even with large formats. Moreover, the technicians from the Service Department are always ready to intervene in case of problems or to modify the systems. Baokun Laser offers you:

  • Cutting power up to 30Kw
  • Metal cutting with thickness up to 50mm
  • Perfect precision during the cutting and the processing
  • Compact Structures with linear motors
  • High levels of customization
  • Technical Assistance and tailor-made design

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